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AT w/ FireflyDances - Lokelani by ShadowoftheMoon138 AT w/ FireflyDances - Lokelani :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 6 5 [ SKT ] Levian Aralia App by ShadowoftheMoon138 [ SKT ] Levian Aralia App :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 14 19 Anatole in a pink dress  by ShadowoftheMoon138 Anatole in a pink dress :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 4 2 Modern!Marliza by ShadowoftheMoon138 Modern!Marliza :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 7 4 Modern!Helene by ShadowoftheMoon138 Modern!Helene :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 4 7 {OC} ~ Hearing Things by ShadowoftheMoon138 {OC} ~ Hearing Things :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 3 0 Smol modern!Eliza sketch by ShadowoftheMoon138 Smol modern!Eliza sketch :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 5 0 Belated Mother's Day by ShadowoftheMoon138 Belated Mother's Day :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 4 3 Andria Doodle by ShadowoftheMoon138 Andria Doodle :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 3 0 Birthday Present for Skythewolfdog9 by ShadowoftheMoon138 Birthday Present for Skythewolfdog9 :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 9 2 Ethan in a Party Hat by ShadowoftheMoon138 Ethan in a Party Hat :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 4 0 Art Trade w/ Shinaki-Soul by ShadowoftheMoon138 Art Trade w/ Shinaki-Soul :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 4 5 Surprise art by ShadowoftheMoon138 Surprise art :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 5 0 this by ShadowoftheMoon138 this :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 2 15
Since we weren't given a form to this, I'm going to jump right in with this timeline. It might not make much sense given this is actually my first timeline (I'm more of a pantser xD) but it's worth a shot!
Also this takes place on this world in the future, so every event up until 2017 that happened in this world happened here.
2018 - Members of an unofficial Scottish militia declare themselves independent of Britain after another failed exit attempt in late 2017.
2019 - A small war breaks out between Britain and the "independent" Scotland. The war lasts for three years.
2021 - Scottish radicals began to destroy London. In three weeks, the city is almost completely razed. During this time period, a Scottish general breaks into Buckingham Palace and seizes control, claiming himself as King. (The King is the only name on record for this radical general.)
2022 - The Queen of England is executed, along with any member of the royal family that can be found. The King now has absolute
:iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 1 20
pear by ShadowoftheMoon138 pear :iconshadowofthemoon138:ShadowoftheMoon138 2 0


Inktober - The Great Comet by XaioLoon Inktober - The Great Comet :iconxaioloon:XaioLoon 15 0
11 Things that just generally piss me off
tinygayheart.png 1. bigoted points of view especially when its without justification only ya know god and i can't say anything bc i'll sound like an inconsiderate hypocrite if i say " Well sorry but ur point of view is wrong" 
2. People who start a convo and i don't hear them exactly and i say " What?" and then they go " Nevermind" and refuse to repeat what they said 
3. When theres nothing to eat... no reason just kind of pisses me off 
4. When my mom asks me every time i tell her i'm talking to a friend she asks " Are the GAy" to which i either lie or say No she's straight. Then she goes to my father and tells him to tell me i can't be alone in my bedroom with my straight female friend who i have no interest in being with
5. People who have huge lunches and don't finish them and throw away a bunch of uneaten untouched delicious looking food while i look down at my bag of pretzels like ' wtf' 
6. Whenever god comes up as a serio
:iconorangeswithjam:OrangesWithJam 1 11
Something on my Face? by SleepyTenny Something on my Face? :iconsleepytenny:SleepyTenny 17 24
I wanted to do one of these...
I feel like I haven't done an OC meme for ages...
Pick Ten Characters
1. Nikolai Stitches
2. Jessie Jester
3. Konfucius
4. Sordino Estinto
5. Mysst Sylense
6. Viola Waltz
7. Stretto Swing
8. Revenna Dorsk
9. Mr Terror
10. Haru LaMenta

1. [6] is walking down some stairs when he/she slips and sprains his/her ankle. Who comes to [6]'s aid?
Viola: Skipping down the stairs... Skip skip- WAAAAAGH! ...I fell...
Haru: I know the pain you felt when you fell!
Viola: ...
Haru: Sorry, well, Chiuso's not here, so I thought I'd reference a meme for a chainge. *helps her up* Maybe you should just walk normally down the stairs next time?
Viola: normally? you mean... boring-ly?
Haru: No, i mean normally. And safely.
Viola: Boo! No way!
Haru: *sigh* Welp, it's your choice if you wanna fall again...
Viola: ...On second thoughts, I'll walk normally.
Haru: I mean, who skips down the stairs anyway?
2. [4] accidentally walks in on [7] while he/she were ch
:iconalirose-art:AliRose-Art 2 0
A Comet Blazes On by RadicalBroseph A Comet Blazes On :iconradicalbroseph:RadicalBroseph 10 3 ANIMATIC - Dust and Ashes by KimberlyColors ANIMATIC - Dust and Ashes :iconkimberlycolors:KimberlyColors 6 2 Stolen Property by Sakura-Araragi Stolen Property :iconsakura-araragi:Sakura-Araragi 152 32 Chibi FMA doodles by Isi-Daddy Chibi FMA doodles :iconisi-daddy:Isi-Daddy 97 40 Shrimp by manicthemaniac Shrimp :iconmanicthemaniac:manicthemaniac 11 1 Miku - Sand Planet by KuroSuitopi Miku - Sand Planet :iconkurosuitopi:KuroSuitopi 93 6 September reference sheets by Kibbitzer September reference sheets :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 3,193 33 Catch Me If You Can Color by Naschi Catch Me If You Can Color :iconnaschi:Naschi 3,713 91 Taoism: The Waterlily and the Butterfly by kiacii-official Taoism: The Waterlily and the Butterfly :iconkiacii-official:kiacii-official 103 7 Doubts by AliRose-Art Doubts :iconalirose-art:AliRose-Art 53 3 its anz by Anzeku-u its anz :iconanzeku-u:Anzeku-u 30 6 copycat by Anzeku-u copycat :iconanzeku-u:Anzeku-u 21 1



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United States
suddenly a broadway nerd

Anyway hi, hello, I've been dead for a while but I'm not quite back yet, nope, can't post anything but statuses and update this weird thingy here without going via my crashing phone. Ah well.

- raging bisexual who's probably gayer than i once thought
- she/her
- mega-great comet stan, and y'all can fIGht me
- Amber Gay for Amber Gray, and Trashford for Brittain Ashford, and uhhh Grace McLean could murder me by the sheer power of her own alone
- y'all should listen to ghost quartet
- also likes heathers
- and falsettos
- awkward thumbs up

VERY ACTIVE!! ON TUMBLR @ ec-li-ps-e

On the GC and Falsettos Aminos @ Eclipse (with the flowers)

Instagram @

And Archive of Our Own @ AGracefulShadow

Journal History


what's up kiddies I'm on my school laptop and I got through. can't post anything but status updates though.

Ah well

ain't dead

also??? my notifications are blocked on this laptop!! So if y'all wanna talk to me, y'all gotta go through comments on status updates/profile, etc. etc.

thanks for understanding
I have an oppurtunity to go to Germany in an all inclusive trip through the school, and I really want to go! More of a desperate want, but… Right now, all we need is four hundred dollars to let me go on the trip, or at least most of it. Because financial problems are terrible. This trip is a dream come true – please donate or just share if you can’t. Thank you all.…

Please share!!! Or donate!!! Thank you all so much!
Until furhter notice, I am officially no longer posting:

- Hetalia -- at all. I am done with this trash fandom.
- Undertale -- eh, just kinda, lost interest, yknow?
- Probably anything anime related -- ....yeah... lost interest again

I might occasionally post Vocaloid, as that;s.... eh. I haven't lost interest in the music, just drawing or writing stuff. 

Which also means that Breaking Point is, for hte most part, cancelled. Sorry. 

I WILL be posting:

OCS. So many fucking ocs. I have a gazillion OCs and... surprisingly less pictures. I've been writing more buT I'm still drawing
G R E A T C O M E T. I love this musical sO much you don't understaND I'm so pissed it clOsED but yeah. Anatole is really fun to draw. So's Helene. I'm too lazy for the accents.
SKT. Although tecically Levi's an OC buT it's separate cause I have doodles of Seren and Aria and Lao and hell even Darius (bc smol happy Levi before his life went to shit is cute)

I need to post some shit but I ran out of space on my laptop ;A; I'll figure it out.

Anyhoo signign off for now


I haven't been on here in forever at all... kin forever

And to be honest, it's cause I'... forgot to come on.

This place that used to be my home? 

...I've moved to Tumblr and Instagram

I don't know why, I mean I'm still here, but

I just keep forgetting to post lmao
I need to be ore active again

I'll try to come back, I have ab unch of sketches and shit I need to post but

motivation to post


ill try to come back on more.

ALSO my tumblr is ec-li-ps-e so uh head on over there for more active shit posting (mostly great comet but)

And my Insagram (for art) is

So give those a follow for more activity from me

or don;t

its just a numbe r anYways



Just a black and white sketch. These will be traditional.

Colored Traditional
Colored Traditional, colored pencils. 

Prices vary: Headshots (which I don't have enough of in here?) are three hundred fifty points (to donation pool)
                  Half-Bodies: (same?) are four hundred (through here XD)

                  Full bodies: five hundred (you can do all donation pool or half here half there)


                  Backgrounds: +100
                  Extra Character: +50 points each
Digital Art
Digital arts~!

Really these take the longest--

                Background - +200

                Extra characters: +150


ShadowoftheMoon138 has started a donation pool!
5 / 1
Does nayone look at these?

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  • :icondahub:
    Donated Feb 12, 2017, 7:18:35 AM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 25, 2016, 7:01:31 PM
  • :iconaoyuna:
    Donated Jun 21, 2016, 12:37:28 AM
  • :iconwordykite:
    Donated Jan 27, 2016, 1:50:20 PM


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